GoodBye Grandma

I am very lucky to have a positive outlook on life. Thanks to all my friends, family, and the people that have helped me through this life of mine.


On Feb 16, 2014 – one day before my 28th birthday I loose someone very close to me for the very first time. My grandma who pretty much babysat me through my childhood years. Everyday she would travel from Chinatown in Vancouver to where I lived (about a 30min bus ride), just to watch my sister and I, after school until my parents came home from work.

It is difficult typing this without the screen turning blurry cause of tears. I am who I am today – because of my grandma, she may not know how the world works or what the Internet is. But she taught me that none of that matter you didn’t need much to be happy. I hope I was a good grandson, even with all the trouble I caused and I kept trying to blame it on my sister. Sorry sis.


Thanks Grandma…

  • For the money that my mom wouldn’t give me to buy my Batman book I wanted so much when I was younger. I still have that book today even with a note I wrote to myself in the inside cover.
  • For watching my sister and I.
  • For cooking food.
  • For screaming at me cause I did something wrong.
  • For taking my side when my parents were unreasonable.
  • For traveling so far just to take care of us.
  • For laughing at my lame jokes that I try to convert into Chinese so you could understand it.
  • For letting me sneak out of the house to hang out with my friends, when my parents said that I couldn’t and I had to come straight home after school.

Say hi to Grandpa for me. I never got to meet him in person.

If I have grand-kids they will be spoiled and laughing their asses off each time they see me. I PROMISE!

batman-book1 batman-book2 final-day final-day-hands grandma1 grandma2 last-visit-to-hospital last-visit-to-hospital2 last-visit-to-hospital3 little-mountain-place sis-me-grandma viewing1 viewing2 viewing3 viewing4

*Thanks to the staff at Little Mountain Place for taking care of my Grandma.
*Thanks to the gorgeous woman that supported me thru the day of the viewing.


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