Eminem at Squamish Music Festival – Aug 10, 2014

I grew up listening to Eminem, so buying tickets to Squamish Music Festival where Eminem would headline on Sunday the last day of the Festival was a no brainer.

About an hour drive north of Vancouver, I stood 1 full concert before Eminem’s set, enduring second hand smoke from people smoking tobacco and weed. Of course dealing with people pushing and shoving trying to get closer to the front of the stage. I had a headache but it was worth it, once Eminem was on stage my headache magically went away. Lucky I was not at the very front of the stage as it was not too pleasant from what I heard. People at the very front were getting physically abused, being kicked and punched, by people behind them.

Photos and Videos below.

Part1: http://youtu.be/JbBXyF2iKi0

Part2: http://youtu.be/ILU6V1O273o

Part3: http://youtu.be/a4jRpKQ8RWo

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