April, May, & Early June 2014

Haven't posted anything for a while.

April 2014 – Watched "Captain America" & "Spider-man 2" in theatres. Went to fan-expo as Spidey. Easter bunny for Aberdeen Centre.

May 2014 – 24 returns to TV – "24: Live Another Day!!" "Backstreet Boys – In a World like This Concert" on May 20th!! Went to Granville Island Theatre Sports on May 30th – always a good time there!

June 2014 – Just started the month of June 1st week in. Went to "Ryan Stiles & Greg Proops: On The Couch!!" Improv shows are always 100% great. After the show something strange, kinda bad, funny happened. While driving my guest to the show, home, a guy in a G32 pulls beside my car. He revs his car's engine, then smiles, waves, and points at my car. I wave back half a second later he rear ends the car infront of him, as he didn't pay attention to the road.

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